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With gas prices ever increasing, the market is showing a down side to the sale of large engine SUV's. As a car buying expert, Linda Lee Goldberg is often asked to reflect on the current marketplace.
Car Shopping tips from the Expert.
Frequently the media wants to discuss the best way of buying, leasing, or financing a vehicle. Linda Lee Goldberg loves chatting with the media about these most current topics.
Andrew Connan wrote and performed his appreciation for CarQ's services. Andy, well known Author of the "Flash" Traveler Book series, is also a highly respected technical writer and author. He's also founder of Dog's Breath Press, LLC
The media asks for more information regarding the Car Buyer's Agent. CarQ your new car$ource, provides the answers.
CarQ is frequently asked to define the car Buyer's Agent. The McQuarrie's benefit from this type of service.
Consumer Advocate, Linda Goldberg was invited to testify before California's State Transportation Committee regarding furthering the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights and the implamentation of the California Lemon Law.