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It's so simple retaining CarQTM's car buying services. Contact us to sign-up today!

Deal Review: $300

If you've received a WRITTEN quotation from any dealer that is inclusive of all your requested equipment and a sum total of your "out the door" costs, your agent will review your deal. This consultation will tell you how to, improve your price. You may then return to your dealer with CarQ's recommendation and renegotiate your deal. Our guarantee: If we cannot improve your price by the $300 fee, your fee will be waived. At this point you'll know you've got the best deal possible for your region.

Pricing Consultation: $300

After your agent has found you the lowest price, a consultation will be set with you to discuss the complete price structure for your vehicle with the equipment you've requested. This consultation is designed to prepare buyers to shop with pricing that is accurate and with much greater accuracy than internet pricing will provide. The average savings achieved by CarQ with most mid-priced cars is $2000 to $5000 off manufacturer's suggested retail. If you opt out of any further service, at least you're prepared with shopping information.

Full Service: $500

Vehicles with MSRP over $80,000: $1,100

This service provides clients with written Preliminary Pricing for the Ideal Profile of a vehicle. Car Q will search for your vehicle at the best possible price, and get that price guaranteed in writing. You will save money and an average of 7-10 hours of stress filled negotiating time. This service provides you with the least complicated and best way to approach your vehicle purchase.


Factory Order: $200

Have the manufacturer build your vehicle, your way at a pre-arranged cost.

Lease-Finance Surcharge: $100 Each for Comparison Quotes

CarQ will find the best rate for financing or the best lease program. This service typically saves buyers or lessees an average of $25-$100 per month. With CarQ’s Full Service, your monthly payment will be provided in writing.

Extended Care Protection Administration Fee: $200 (Premiums vary by Make and Model).

Used Vehicle Service: $1400
Vehicles over $80,000: $2,200
(USA, only) Includes single diagnostic and CarFax.

Used Vehicle or "Trade-in" Consultation: $200
Written Market Review and Valuation report: $100 handles all the arrangements for your purchase or simply go to the selling dealer and pick up your keys! Our services begin at $200 and the average complete service is $600. does not sell or share your information with any companies, organizations, entities or individuals.

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Pricing Consultation


Deal Review


Full Service


Full Service
(Vehicles Over $80,000)



Pre-Owned Consultation


Pre-Owned Consultation
(Inc written Valuation)


Pre-Owned (Full Service)
(USA-All regions)


Pre-Owned (Full Service)
(Vehicles over $80,000)



Finance Review


Lease Review


Factory Order


All services commence with receipt of fee payment, equipment selection and retainer agreement.