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Barry W.
Silver Spring, MD

"I'm writing to thank you and to tell you how completely satisfied I am with your services. For many years I dreamed of owning a sporty convertible, and now that dream has become a reality! I'm enjoying the heck out of the new car I purchased with the assistance of CarSource and feel fortunate to have found my way to you.

CarSource saved me more than $3000 over what I would have been able to negotiate on my own for the vehicle of choice in my local area. More importantly, it saved me the precious time it otherwise would have taken me to visit several dealerships, searching for the most reasonable purchase price. Your work enabled me to entirely avoid the disappointments of dealing with employees at multiple dealerships who often offer misleading or inaccurate information and who are not interested in or empowered to negotiate prices to the benefit of the consumer. To me, these savings in time and frustration are worth far more than the cost of your services.

From start to finish, you stayed in touch with me and kept me informed at every key decision point and you were always friendly, helpful, patient and professional. You walked with me step by step through the purchase process (which included placing special factory order and arranging transportation of the vehicle from the selling dealership cross country to my doorstep), a process which is typically a source of confusion and anxiety (especially for those of us who do this once a decade!) and that support meant a lot to me. I can genuinely say it has been a pleasure to do business with CarSource and especially you. Now I can't imagine purchasing a vehicle any other way."

If you're a client of Car$ource or, please feel free to send us a photo of your new car and a short testimonial. See yourself in cyberspace! Show family, friends and associates what this great car buying experience accomplished on your behalf!

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